Unlock Serenity: Your Personal Underwater Mindfulness Retreat

Experience the Zen of the Ocean with a Simple Tap

In a world that spins at breakneck speed, the JellyAura™ Ocean Dream Lamp is your anchor to stillness. Designed to calm the storm in your mind, this lamp isn’t just a beacon of peace; it’s a daily ritual, inviting you to a quiet corner of the ocean with each glowing pulse. Crafted for the serene-at-heart, it offers a restorative respite from the clamor of the everyday 𓇢𓆸
JellyAura™ Ocean Dream Lamp
JellyAura Lamp™ - AuraLamps™
JellyAura Lamp™ - AuraLamps™
JellyAura Lamp™ - AuraLamps™
JellyAura Lamp™ - AuraLamps™
JellyAura Lamp™ - AuraLamps™
JellyAura™ Ocean Dream Lamp
$105.00 AUD
$165.00 AUD

Soothe Your Senses

Lifelike jellyfish float in a silent ballet, delivering a mesmerizing spectacle that quiets the mind and eases stress.

Ambient Water Ripple Effect

The lamp’s clever design projects a soft, rippling light effect onto your walls and ceiling, enveloping you in the peacefulness of the underwater world.

Tailored Lighting Moods

With 17 LED colors and 4 modes at your fingertips, customize your environment to reflect your inner calm or inspire new creativity.

Plug-In & Unwind

Effortless setup and remote control mean turning your home into a meditative space is as easy as a deep breath.

Sleep-Inducing Scenes

The gentle motion and soft light patterns can assist in reducing anxiety, setting the stage for a restful night's sleep.

Eco-Friendly LED Lighting

Energy-efficient LEDs offer a sustainable glow, minimizing your carbon footprint while maximizing ambiance.

Aesthetic Elegance

Its sleek design is a conversation starter, adding a sophisticated and contemporary touch to your personal sanctuary.

Unique Gift Choice

Give more than a lamp; give a mesmerizing experience that keeps on giving.

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Immerse Yourself in a World of Tranquil Beauty..

Bring the Soothing Essence of the Deep Sea to Your Home

Do you yearn for a hideaway from the buzz of life, a sanctuary where peace envelops you like a gentle wave

In the relentless tide of day-to-day life, the JellyAura™ Ocean Dream Lamp is your lighthouse of tranquility. Designed to be more than just a lamp, it's your personal portal to the calming wonders of the underwater world, crafted to transform your space with the rhythmic dance of jellyfish and the soothing embrace of water ripples that quiets the chaos of your world.

Design That Sings with the Sea

Our lamp is a masterclass in design, a centerpiece that projects the ebb and flow of ocean waves right onto your sanctuary's ceiling with the graceful dance of jellyfish. A seamless oceanic presence that crafts tranquility in every corner of your room.

Embrace the JellyAura™ lamp’s transformative power as your living space becomes a canvas and stands as a testament to modern simplicity and a deep commitment to personal peace. A gentle guide back to yourself after a day spent amidst the relentless pace of life.

17 Colors to Choose

Brightness Adjustment

4 Mode Settings

Remote Control


A Symphony of Colors

Unleash a cascade of 17 colors with a single tap. Each hue, a brushstroke of mood-lifting magic, transforming your space to reflect every nuance of your emotion—from the gentle nudge of dawn to the embrace of dusk.
Each hue is thoughtfully chosen to offer therapeutic benefits and harmony, catering to your need for an aesthetic, tranquil environment conducive to promote relaxation and stress relief.

Dial Into Your Desired Luminance

Your comfort, your brightness, your choice. The JellyAura™ lamp’s brightness control lets you fine-tune the intensity of your environment. Subtly dim the lights for a tender, twilight glow, or amplify them for full, vibrant radiance. Every level of brightness serves your need for the moment—whether it's a soft illumination for a night of rest or a full beam for daytime clarity.

Craft Your ambiance with Seamless Mode Selection

Elevate your space with the JellyAura™ lamp's four dynamic light modes—each designed to fit every pulse of your life. Opt for Flash when the energy is high and you crave a lively atmosphere. Strobe gently captures the perfect rhythm for creative sessions. Fade glides you into a state of meditative tranquility, and Smooth bathes you in a continuous flow of serene light. Or just simply make it hold on a one colour that matches your mood. All it takes is a simple press to transition your world from vibrant to calm, from active to peaceful.

Control Your Serenity with Fingertips

With the JellyAura™ remote, tranquility is just a click away—no need to pause your relaxation or disrupt your comfort. Easily adjust settings from across the room with a simple press, making it effortless to switch modes, change colors, or adjust brightness.

Effortless Elegance, Thoughtful Living

With energy-saving LEDs, it's designed to deliver continuous calm without a trace on your energy bill or the environment. A tribute to modern design and mindful living. Light up your world without dimming the mother earth.

Your Space, A Sanctuary

The JellyAura™ transcends its role as a lamp. It's a versatile vessel for peace, turning any corner of your home into a ocean's serenity, right where you need it most—a restful nook for reading, a meditative space for yoga, a backdrop for soulful conversations.

When the world outside buzzes with demands, let the JellyAura™ Ocean Dream Lamp carve out a space for stillness and introspection. It's more than light—it's a lifestyle, a philosophy, a slice of the sea’s timeless calm, offered to you, every single day. 

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Got Questions?

How does the Jellyfish Aura Lamp work?

The Jellyfish Aura Lamp uses a combination of water, air pumps, and LED lighting to create the lifelike movement of jellyfish within a transparent cylinder. The LED lights can change colors, offering a variety of visual experiences.

Can I choose different colors for the lamp?

Absolutely! The lamp comes with a remote control that allows you to select from 17 different colors. You can also choose from several lighting effects to match your mood or decor.

Do the jellyfish look real?

Yes, the jellyfish are designed to mimic the appearance and movement of real jellyfish very closely. They are made from a silicone material that moves fluidly with the water currents created by the lamp's mechanism.

Is the lamp safe to use in a child’s bedroom?

Yes, the Jellyfish Aura Lamp is safe for use in all areas of your home, including children's bedrooms. It operates on low voltage and the materials used are non-toxic.

How do I set up the lamp?

Setting up the lamp is easy! Simply fill the lamp with distilled water, add a few drops of the dish soap to reduce friction, and insert the silicone jellyfish. Plug in the lamp, turn it on, and use the remote control to select your desired settings.

How much maintenance does the lamp require?

The Jellyfish Aura Lamp requires minimal maintenance. We recommend changing the water every few months and cleaning the inside of the lamp with a soft cloth to prevent algae growth and ensure the jellyfish move smoothly.

What is the lamp’s return policy?

We stand behind the quality of our Jellyfish Aura Lamp. If you're not satisfied with your purchase, you can return it within 30 days for a full refund or exchange. Please refer to our full return policy for details.

What’s In The Box

A little piece of the ocean (aka your Jellyfish Aura Projection Lamp)
  • 2 x Small and 3 x Big Jellyfish

  • 2 x Extra Goldfish

  • 1 x USB Cable

  • 1 x User Manual

  • 1 x Cylinder Lamp

Your home is your castle, and with the JellyAura™ Ocean Dream Lamp, it becomes your retreat. Every feature is fine-tuned to transport you from the hectic to the harmonious. From the vibrant dance of colors to the seamless operation, A haven where the gentle drift of jellyfish lifts the weight off your shoulders, and the soft glow of ambient light eases your mind. 

Satisfaction Guarantee:
We stand behind the calming promise of our JellyAura™ Ocean Dream Lamp. Try it out, and if you’re not completely at peace with your purchase, we offer a hassle-free return policy. No hassles, no hoops, just peace of mind with every purchase. 

Anchor Your Oasis of Calm While it's On Haf Price— Add the Ocean Dream to Your Life and let the JellyAura™ be the upgrade your life deserves.

Let the JellyAura™ Ocean Dream Lamp be the vessel that brings the ocean’s timeless tranquility to your doorstep, nurturing your well-being, night after tranquil night.